Stock The Pantry

Recognizing the need to feed the children facing hunger in our community, the Leadership Everyone Class of June 2007 and members of the community set out to create a program to eliminate this situation. With the collaboration of multiple people and organization, the Stock the Pantry Cornhole Tournament was organized in 2009.

The Stock the Pantry program is a collective community effort to ensure that the children at the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville have free, healthy snacks after school and during the summer. With proper nutrition being an essential building block to healthy adolescent development, this initiative provides young people with the boost they need to learn and play.

Sadly, a large number of children are still lacking proper nutrition. These children are hungry and in need of assistance. They need the community to help “Stock the Pantry!”

The Leadership Everyone Class of June 2007 wanted to become involved in a project that would address a real community need, that would be fun for all of the participants, and that would be sustainable for years to come. With their dedication to this project, the Boys & Girls Club has been able to leverage the funds raised to secure additional major funding from other sources, including the Walmart Foundation (2010). In 2014, Stock the Pantry Cornhole Tournament raised over $24,000 for The Boys & Girls Club.

Thanks to the hard work of so many, this event is now held annually and has blossomed into the largest cornhole tournament in the tri-state area, continually raising awareness and funds for the children.

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