Celebration of Leadership Nominees

Congratulations to all Celebration of Leadership nominees, past and present! If you do not see your nominee listed for the current year, please resubmit or call Elizabeth at 812-425-3828. Please note that this list is not live but is being updated regularly! Check back for a full digital program with photos and descriptions of each nomination closer to each year’s event!

IndividualArtsDavid Brown2023
IndividualArtsZach Evans2023
IndividualArtsDebbie Goldman2023
IndividualArtsDr. Roger Kalia2023
IndividualArtsAnnie Kim2023
IndividualArtsJustin McCullough-Haddix2023
IndividualArtsRob Millard-Mendez2023
IndividualArtsRobert Nicholls2023
IndividualArtsSuzanne Schriber2023
IndividualArtsTiffany Ball and Robert Hunt2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKent Anderson2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAndrew Backes2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodNicki Blythe2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodWendy Chinn2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLeonard Collins2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJack Deig2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmanda Deutsch2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRev. Floyd Edwards, Sr.2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRev. Kevin Fleming (D)2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTerri Hartweck2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodGeronica Hazelwood-Conner2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarcia Lynch-Duncan2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMackenzee McKittrick2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDrew Mehta2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAaron Miller2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKori Miller2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodEstella Moss2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKim Mullins2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTyler Myers2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLuke Nordine2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodEmily Patton2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrenda Phelps2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrian Southern2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodErum Shafi Syed2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTeddy the Therapy Pig2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDacia Wilkerson2023
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLaura Ziliak2023
IndividualEducationJane Ann Bradford2023
IndividualEducationDr. Rob Carroll2023
IndividualEducationJason Emmerson2023
IndividualEducationCarol Havens2023
IndividualEducationJay Hille2023
IndividualEducationAudra Kellams2023
IndividualEducationTed McCreary2023
IndividualEducationDr. Shallegra Moye2023
IndividualEducationJessica Ong2023
IndividualEducationCassandra Raine-Francis2023
IndividualEducationElisabet Sena-Martin2023
IndividualEducationRobin Woebkenberg2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentRev. Gerald Arnold2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentKelley Coures2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDebbera De Lena2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDeonte Meriweather2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentTaylor Merris2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMario Reid2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentShirley Starks2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentLorie Anne Van Hook2023
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentNeil Woods2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesCourtney Beitler2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJoann and Mason Bogard2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJulie Davis-Brunner2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr Shaukat Iftikhar2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJacy King2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesKrista Mason2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesMarcia Lambert2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesChris Metz2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesAbdul Samee2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJessica Schnur2023
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesAmy Jo Sheeley2023
Project or ProgramArtsBefore There Was Mozart with the Eykamp String Quartet2023
Project or ProgramArtsElf Academy2023
Project or ProgramArtsJoshua Academy Music Instruction ChangeLab2023
Project or ProgramArtsYART2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCardio for Canines2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodChloe Randolph Organization, Inc.2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEmergency Food Assistance Program2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Dia de los Muertos2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC Festival of Nations2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInternational Food Festival2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJacobsville Advantage: Powered by Fifth Third2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJudson St. Words Project2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOASIS Program - Evansville Rescue Mission2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSister Joanna's Table2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodToyota Indiana YMCA2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWest End P.O.W.E.R2023
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWhere's Waldo2023
Project or ProgramEducationCOL 2022 Nominee Subgroup2023
Project or ProgramEducationCYPRESS Pen Pal Program2023
Project or ProgramEducationEVSC OptIN Signing Day2023
Project or ProgramEducationNTI and Company2023
Project or ProgramEducationSICTC Culinary Arts Program2023
Project or ProgramEducationUSI Bus Drivers - James Putnam and Jermaine Razor2023
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentData Analytics ChangeLab2023
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDeaconess Green Team2023
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentPaws for Comfort - Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library2023
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSeasons of Sharing2023
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentWNIN-FM's The Friday Wrap with John Gibson2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesBe Kind for Ollie Comfort Bags2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesChildren's Mental Health ChangeLab2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess Medication Assistance Program2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess SANEs2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesHealth Communications ChangeLab2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesLunch & Learn Series2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesMedical Professions Academy2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesOver the Edge for Granted2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesSouthwestern Behavioral Healthcare's D.E.E. (Diversity, Equity & Engagement) Committee2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesTSA Youth Group2023
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesWag 'n Drag2023
Business or OrganizationArtsBokeh Lounge2023
Business or OrganizationArtsHaynie's Corner Arts District Association2023
Business or OrganizationArtsSchool of Ballet Indiana2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodAtlas¨ World Group2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodCaring Friends Daycare Ministry2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodImpact Evansville2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMae's Way Foundation2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMothers at War Ministries & Resource Center, Inc.2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSixth and Zero2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSoul WriterÕs Guild2023
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodZeta Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Breakfast with Santa2023
Business or OrganizationEducationEarly College High School Student Council2023
Business or OrganizationEducationIncognito Instructors2023
Business or OrganizationEducationNorth Gibson Dollars for Scholars2023
Business or OrganizationEducationOptimal Rhythms/ Access Academy2023
Business or OrganizationEducationPotter's Wheel2023
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentAutism Evansville2023
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentOwensboro Stands With Ukraine2023
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSouthwest Indiana Small Business Development Center2023
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentVHS Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic2023
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAlex and Ali Foundation2023
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAnthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield "The Addict's Wake: A Documentary of Hope" Screening2023
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesEvansville Christian Life Center2023
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesSouthwest Indiana Area Health Education Center (SWI AHEC)2023
IndividualArtsDwight Emmert2022
IndividualArtsKaman Hillenburg2022
IndividualArtsNathan Jochum2022
IndividualArtsLogan Stalions2022
IndividualArtsCord Stith2022
IndividualArtsKirsten Wagmeister2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTim Black2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSamantha Buente2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDominique Cosby2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodFr. Jay Davidson2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodXavier Davidson2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmanda Deutsch & Emily English2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLiam Douglas2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodFr. Christopher Droste2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAdriana Duff2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDave Ernspiger2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLee Griggs2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodGuillermo Guevara2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAngela Hammers2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodHolly Rankin Zaher2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmy Johnston-Higgs2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodFr. Gary Kaiser2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodReagan Koester2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSondra Matthews2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMelissa Morehead Moore2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Myers2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodEdward Nottle2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodArlinda Payne2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeff Purdue2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarietta Rodriguez2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBushra Saqib2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodScott Schymik2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBen Trockman2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPatty Vanoven2022
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTyna & Bert Wheat & Monica Owens2022
IndividualEducationKylie Bedel2022
IndividualEducationDr. Kathy Elpers2022
IndividualEducationMendy Poole2022
IndividualEducationJody Robinson2022
IndividualEducationAndrea Smith2022
IndividualEducationLexi Smith2022
IndividualEducationKen Wempe2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentBrian Bohrnstedt2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentJillian Brothers2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDoug Claybourn2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentPastor Craig Duke2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentZach Garcia2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMatt Karges2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMargaret Kimmel2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMaurice Olwali2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentLaura Nordine2022
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentJaimie Sheth2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesPaula Beck2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJanie Chappell2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDusty Fiester2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesSheila Hauck2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. Gina Huhnke2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesZola Johnson2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJacy King2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesKelly Paul2022
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesTimothy Weir2022
Project or ProgramArtsArtistry Unhoused2022
Project or ProgramArtsKindermusik with Julie2022
Project or ProgramArtsReconnecting Families by Military with PTSD Inc2022
Project or ProgramArtsTepe Park Neighborhood - Basketball Court Mural2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Homeless Experience Project: 48 Hours in the Life2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodArea Humane Societies2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBedford Collab2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBlack Lives Matter Peaceful Protests2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCoalition of Inner-City Neighborhoods (Fred Cook)2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville D’ia de los Muertos (Evansville Day of the Dead)2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOptIN2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodREADI Grant2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSunday T-Dance2022
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodUE Theatre ChangeLab: Storytelling in our Backyard2022
Project or ProgramEducation#TechMe2022
Project or ProgramEducationBook N' Cook2022
Project or ProgramEducationEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library Storytime To Go Kits2022
Project or ProgramEducationEVSC/EVPL Free Tutoring Program2022
Project or ProgramEducationGAIN2022
Project or ProgramEducationHHS Student Council - Change for Change Makers2022
Project or ProgramEducationIvy Tech Community College Adult Basic Education2022
Project or ProgramEducationIvy Tech Community College English Language Learner Program2022
Project or ProgramEducationJobs for America's Graduates (JAG)2022
Project or ProgramEducationNew Tech Institute HS STEM Fest2022
Project or ProgramEducationSocial Impact Librarianship at EVPL2022
Project or ProgramEducationTRACES2022
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDeaconess Aquatic Center2022
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentPurdue Extension Vanderburgh County 4H Program2022
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentToyota Trinity Stormwater Park ChangeLab2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesSouthern Indiana Nurse Honor Guard2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesChemo Buddies/Shuttle Buddies2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess Monoclonal Antibody Program2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEMBOLDEN Inc.2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesFriday Morning with Patchwork Central2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesGood Shepherd Catholic School2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesLatinX Community Health ChangeLab2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesMASIHA Free Specialty Clinic2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesNAACP Evansville Area Branch Virtual Town Hall2022
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesUE / Harper Air Filter Changemaker Project2022
Business or OrganizationArtsEvansville Civic Theatre2022
Business or OrganizationArtsNoCo Park2022
Business or OrganizationArtsOld National Bank2022
Business or OrganizationArtsTwymon Art Gallery2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Rescue Mission/ OASIS Recovery2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC PD2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodHope Dot Com2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRiver City Pride2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSomeplace Else Nightclub2022
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodXFIT BOXING2022
Business or OrganizationEducationAstraZeneca Inspire Program2022
Business or OrganizationEducationCaring Friends Daycare Ministry2022
Business or OrganizationEducationLyles Station Historic Schoolhouse & Museum2022
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentInternational Refugee Relief Center2022
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentTrucks With Room to Spare Inc2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesChemo Buddies, Inc.2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess Clinic Memorial2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess Intensive Care Units Staff2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesForefront Therapy - The Bronstein Clinic2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesHealing Reins of Kentucky, Inc.2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesLittle Lambs of Evansville2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesUnited Caring Services2022
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesYouth First, Inc.2022
Business or OrganizationArtsDowntown Evansville Economic Improvement District2021
Business or OrganizationArtsEvansville Philharmonic Orchestra2021
Business or OrganizationArtsToyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Catholic Diocese of Evansville2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodCore Crew of Habitat for Humanity of Evansville2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodDelta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEVPL To Go Curbside Pickup Service2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC Office of Food & Nutrition2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodField & Main Bank2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodGibson County Chamber of Commerce2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodGood Girlfriends Sisterhood2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodJD Sheth Foundation2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodLocal Lenders Providing PPP Loans2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMcKim's IGA2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodP-47 Foundation2021
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSmall City, Big Eats2021
Business or OrganizationEducationEVSC Virtual Academy2021
Business or OrganizationEducationIvy Tech Community College Completion Academy2021
Business or OrganizationEducationOptimal Rhythms/ACCESS Academy2021
Business or OrganizationEducationPurdue Extension - Vanderburgh County2021
Business or OrganizationEducationWhat Matters Most? Evansville2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentAmeriQual Group and EVSC Partnership2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentBerry Global2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentCitizens' Climate Lobby - Evansville Chapter2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEvansville Climate Action Plan2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEVSC Office of Technology2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSouthwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce2021
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentVanderburgh County Health Department2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAscension St. Vincent Evansville COVID-19 Incident Command2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAscension St. Vincent Evansville COVID-19 Nurses2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAscension St. Vincent Evansville Infection Prevention Specialists2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAscension St. Vincent Evansville Respiratory Emergency Department2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesBerry Global2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesChemo Buddies, Inc.2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesGilda's Club Evansville2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesLittle Lambs of Evansville2021
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesMarket on Main EVV2021
IndividualArtsKimberly Bredemeier2021
IndividualArtsKaman Hillenburg2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChuck Armstrong2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLeslie Asbury2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmy Bouchie2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBruce Bryant2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodVera Campbell2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodXavier Davidson2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmanda Deutsch and Emily English2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodStephanie El Tawil2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlex Gale2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSean Kuykendall2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodEmil Lamar2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJames MacLeod2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRobin Mallery2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRyan McCann2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSr. Jane Michelle McClure2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Myers2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDan Oates2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJaimie Sheth2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChet Todd2021
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLisa Vaughan2021
IndividualEducationMelissa Bippus2021
IndividualEducationMarisela De la Parra2021
IndividualEducationNichole Freiberger2021
IndividualEducationErin Gibson2021
IndividualEducationPamela Hopson2021
IndividualEducationBruceann King, MSW2021
IndividualEducationDr. David Smith2021
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentTara Barney2021
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentGoverner Andy Beshear2021
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMarco DeLucio and David Jones2021
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentKendall Paul2021
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDr. Thomas Stratton2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. April Abbott2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDiana Butler2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJara Dillingham2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. Heidi Dunniway2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. Michael Hobson2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. Gina Huhnke2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDr. Roger Johnson2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesAndrea Lantz2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesAmy Lutzel2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDan Parod2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDolly Parton2021
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesShawn McCoy and Dr. James Porter2021
Project or ProgramArtsEvansville Museum of Arts, History & Science - Faces of Evansville Women2021
Project or ProgramArtsEVV Jetstream Music Fest2021
Project or ProgramArtsMillie's Downtown Dino Trail2021
Project or ProgramArtsThe Nutcracker Ballet Virtual Fieldtrip with Children's Center for Dance Education with the EPO/EYPO and Evansville Children's Choir2021
Project or ProgramArtsPride of Bosse Marching Band2021
Project or ProgramArtsRiver Kitty Cat Cafe Public Mural2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBlack Chamber of Commerce2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBOLD Holdings2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund of the Greater Evansville Region2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodFeed Evansville2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodUSI Food & Nutrition Student Organization Fall Fundraiser2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHabitat For Humanity of Evansville - St. Theresa Place2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMissing Pieces Community Development Corporation2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodNeed A Neighbor2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSouthern Indiana Career and Technical Center & Habitat for Humanity of Evansville Housing Project2021
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodStory Trail2021
Project or ProgramEducation4T Academy2021
Project or ProgramEducationAt Home Classroom2021
Project or ProgramEducationGreater Evansville Youth Parent Series2021
Project or ProgramEducationIvy Tech Community College Adult Basic Education2021
Project or ProgramEducationIvy Tech Community College Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics Technology2021
Project or ProgramEducationJoshua Academy Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)2021
Project or ProgramEducationNew Tech Institute STEM Fest2021
Project or ProgramEducationNew Tech Institute Thunderbolts FIRST Robotics Team2021
Project or ProgramEducationRead Evansville2021
Project or ProgramEducationThe Talking Library2021
Project or ProgramEducationTeacher Locker2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEquity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Team at EVPL2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEVV Solar Project2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentThe Garvin Foundation2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentHandle with Care - Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentReopen Evansville Task Force2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentUE Center for Innovation & Change: COVID Between the Coasts2021
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentUrban Seeds Meal Cook2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesCommunity Mask Makers2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess COVID-19 Testing Sites2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDeaconess Initiating Fabric Mask Sewing, Locally and Far Beyond2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEvansville Independent Self-Isolation CenterÊ2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEVSC Outreach2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesSister Joanna's Table2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesUE Center for Innovation & Change: Evansville Adaptive Watersports2021
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesYouth First, Inc.2021
Project or Program7 Sisters2020
Project or Program"Fresh Fruit Friday & Power Protein Peanutbutter"2020
Project or Program"On The Roof" Music Series2020
Project or ProgramEducation"Walk a Mile in My Shoes" Refugee Camp Simulation2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesA New Generation Remembers: A Unique Holocaust Experience2020
Project or ProgramArtsAlbion's Primary Prevention Program2020
IndividualEducationAllison Shepherd2020
IndividualEducationAndrea Herschelman2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesAquatic Task Force2020
Project or ProgramEducationARG Lemonade Stand2020
Business or OrganizationArtsAscension St. Vincent2020
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentAshley Vezzoso-Schaefer2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAstraZeneca VitAliZe2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesAurora Homeless Outreach Team2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentBe a Santa to a Senior2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBerry Global Manufacturing Program at Harrison High School2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesBethany's Studio at Carver2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesBettye Poole2020
IndividualEducationBlake Podewils2020
Business or OrganizationArtsBoyett Treatment Center2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBRIDGE (EVPL)2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBridges out of Poverty2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesBrighter Side Treatment Center2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrittany Samsil2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCandra Loehrlein2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesCarlos Caballero2020
IndividualArtsCarol Abrams2020
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentCatholic Charities2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesCathy Davidson2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Myers2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChad Goble2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCharnika Baltzell2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodChildren's March on Evansville2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodChurches Embracing Offenders2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommission on Homelessness - Marketing Committee2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommunity Health Needs Assessment 20192020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommunity Produce Give Away- All Saints Catholic Parish2020
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentCrystal Funke2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesD.T.E.A.M.2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDale Naylor2020
IndividualEducationDave Schutte2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodDeaconess MAP (Medication Assistance Program)2020
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDeAndre Wilson2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodDelaware/Dream Center Partnership2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesDia de los Muertos Celebration2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodDifferent Shades of Pretty2020
IndividualEducationDr. Christine Griffiths, AUD2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodE4ME and EVV Cares App2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodE-Ville OCR2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEAAM DNA Lab2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodElla Johnson-Watson2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEPD SWAT Challenge2020
IndividualEducationErika Strong Rodriguez2020
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEvansville Christian Health Clinic2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEvansville Christian Life Center GAIN Initiative - Food Co-Op2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Cursillo2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEvansville Junior Football League Colts2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Recovery Alliance2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Sports Corporation2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Teachers Federal Credit Union2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesEvansville Watch2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVPL's Drag Queen Story Hour2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodFestival of Nations2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodFifth Third Bank2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodFifth Third Bank2020
IndividualEducationFlorintine Dawn2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodFranklin Street Community Garden2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentFriday Morning with Patchwork2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodFunk in the City2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGame Room Alley2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesGina Gibson2020
Business or OrganizationArtsGranted2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodGrowth Alliance for Greater Evansville (GAGE)2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGumbo Cook Off2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesHangers2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentHealth Science Institute2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodHeidi Gregori-Gahan2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesHigh Score Saloon2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesHoney + Moon Coffee Co.2020
Project or ProgramEducationHopeDotCom Monthly LOVE FEAST2020
IndividualEducationHugo Giovanny Avila2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodIndiana Ambition Basketball2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInternational Food Festival2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodIsaiah 117 House2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesJacob Ball Wish Fund2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJacobsville Workforce Housing Partnership2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJacque Barnette2020
IndividualEducationJana Green and Dexter2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJason Emmerson2020
IndividualEducationJason Southwell2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJeff Purdue2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJerry and Kimberly Lewis2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJessica Kingsbury2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJosh Brewer2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJulie Blesch2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJunior League of Evansville Lunch Program2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentJunior League of Evansville Women's Conference2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesKellsie Phillips2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKim Johns2020
IndividualEducationKirsten Wagmeister2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodKomen Cares2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLisa Barnett2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesM.A.S.K. (Mothers Against Senseless Killings)2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesMake-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMama's Enterprise Group dba The Evansville Community Development Annex2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMariama Black-Wilson2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesMelissa & Jeremy Mayer2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMickey's Kingdom Clean Team2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMike Labitzke2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesMobile Food Pantry2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMorton Solar & Electric2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMysti Dawn Foundation2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesNate Denning2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentNational High School Mock Trial Championship (The Indiana Bar Foundation and Evansville Bar Association)2020
Project or ProgramArtsNew Ronald McDonald House at Deaconess Gateway2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesNick Johnson2020
Project or ProgramEducationNight on Main2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesNoah Nellis2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOff-Road Motorsports Youth Foundation2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodOld National Public Theater at WNIN2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOn-Site Learning Alliance2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodParksFest Music Festival2020
IndividualArtsPaul Green2020
IndividualEducationPhilip Smith2020
IndividualArtsPhillip Boyd2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodPiggies for Presents2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentPUSH-IT - Promoting Urban Soil Health in Towns2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodPZ Express2020
IndividualEducationRachel Rainey2020
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentRachel Wambach2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRAMP2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodReitz Memorial High School Challenger League and B.E.S.T.I.E.S. Program2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodReitz Memorial High School Football Team2020
Business or OrganizationEducationResurgence Church2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodRide for Memories2020
Business or OrganizationEducationRiver City Pride, Inc.2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRiver Kitty Cat Cafe2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesRobert Lopez2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRobin Mallery2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodRogue & Peasant Aces ChangeLab2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSafe Space for Developmentally-Delayed Patients2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesScott Watkins2020
Project or ProgramArtsSelf.e Alley2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesSimulation Education Program at The Women's Hospital2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSouthern Indiana Mentoring Academy (SIMA)2020
Business or OrganizationArtsSouthside Stars Youth Zone2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesSPEAK: An Explorative Lecture Series2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSpero Health2020
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSprout Design2020
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSteve Reffett2020
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesSummer El-Khodary2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTameka Watson2020
IndividualEducationTanisha Carothers2020
IndividualEducationTanya Harris2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTeacher Locker2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentTechnician.Academy's 2019 Respect is Learned In The Pits2020
Project or ProgramEducationTEDxEvansville2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTeri Barnes2020
Project or ProgramEducationThe Gobbler Gathering2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTiffany Duke2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTracey Titus2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesTribe2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTrisha Davenport2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesUE & WNIN's Community Changemaker Challenge2020
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesUnited Caring Services2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodUniversity of Evansville's ChangeLab Program2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodVanderburgh County Crime Victim Resources (VCCVR)2020
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesVanderburgh Humane Society Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic2020
Business or OrganizationEducationVegans of Evansville Community Action (VECA)2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodVictim Assistance Unit2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentVictory International Film Festival2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentWall of Lights2020
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentWarrick County Summer Musical Program2020
Project or ProgramArtsWomen's Equality Day Annual Celebration2020
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodXavier Davidson2020
Business or OrganizationArtsYoga and More2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodYoung Leaders United Dodgeball Benefit Battle2020
Project or ProgramCommunity & Neighborhood100 Guys Who Care/100+ Women Who Care2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & Neighborhood414 Collective2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & Neighborhood2018 ParksFest Music Festival2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & Neighborhood"Meat" the Need 20182019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesA Year of Hip Hop2019
Business or OrganizationArtsA+Derr Heating and Cooling2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesAlex Burton2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlfred Savia2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlli Wilsbacher2019
Project or ProgramEducationAmerican Red Cross Services to Armed Forces Totes of Hope2019
IndividualArtsAmy DeVries2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodArlinda Payne2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentARTS-N-THE PARK2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAshley Jordan2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesAstraZeneca Mt. Vernon Network of Women2019
Project or ProgramArtsAstraZeneca ViAliZe Team2019
Project or ProgramArtsAviation-Themed STEM Camp2019
Business or OrganizationEducationBearded Villians of Indiana2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBorn Learning Trails2019
Business or OrganizationEducationBrainPower Neurodevelopmental Center2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrandon McClish2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrent Schmitt2019
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServicesCAJE: Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCarisa Campbell2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentCarver Community Organization AARP Foundation Experience Corps2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesCastle High School Riley Dance Marathon Board2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Myers2019
Project or ProgramEducationChangemaker Challenge at the University of Evansville2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChrista Kramer2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentCommon Ground Community Kitchen2019
Project or ProgramEducationCommunity Job Link through The Arc of Evansville2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesCypress Pen Pal Program2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDaleigh Miller2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDanielle Rascoe Williams2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodDare to Dream2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDave Schutte2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDave Wedding2019
Project or ProgramEducationDay Treatment - United Methodist Youth Home2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodDeaconess Classic for Women's Health2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentDeaconess Heart Group2019
Project or ProgramEducationDeaconess Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDebbie Calhoun2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDeena Laska-Lewis2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesDelisa Payne2019
Business or OrganizationEducationDiamond Galleria2019
Business or OrganizationArtsDowntown Evansville Economic Improvement District2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEnergy Systems Group2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEPD Mounted Patrol2019
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentErica Schmidt2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEvans Virtual Angel Tree2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentEvansville Civic Theatre, Inc.2019
Project or ProgramEducationEvansville Day of the Dead2019
Project or ProgramArtsEvansville Lost Pets - Facebook Page2019
Business or OrganizationArtsEvansville Teachers Federal Credit Union2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC Fine Arts Honors Programs2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC OptIn Program2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC Solar Field Project2019
Project or ProgramEducationEVSC Spark Program2019
Project or ProgramEducationEVSC Wee Care2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentFamily Matters of Posey County2019
Project or ProgramArtsFestival of Nations2019
IndividualEducationFred Cook2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentFree Thanksgiving Meal in Haynies Corner2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodGirl Scouts of Southwest Indiana2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGlenwood Leadership Academy2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGlenwood Leadership Academy Affordable Christmas2019
Business or OrganizationArtsGolf Gives Back Inc.2019
Business or OrganizationEducationGranted2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodGreg Allen2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodHannah Jaramillo2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodHarwood Career Preparatory High School2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHCAD Christmas Tree Lighting2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHealth Science Institute2019
Project or ProgramEducationHealthy Harvest2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodHeritage Federal Credit Union2019
Business or OrganizationEducationHigh Score Saloon2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHistoric Main Street Tour2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHoly Family Center for Life FertilityCare Program2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHonor Flight of Southern Indiana, Inc.2019
Project or ProgramEducationiCare2019
Project or ProgramEducationiEngineering 2.0 Summer Experience2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentIN ATV Safety Coalition2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJack Miller2019
Project or ProgramEducationJacobsville Kids Zone2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJason Southwell2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesJeff Whiteside2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeffrey Berger2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJim Walling2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentJoshua Academy STEM Projects2019
Business or OrganizationArtsJust Stylin Salon2019
IndividualEducationKatryna Braun2019
IndividualArtsKelly Salee2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesKris Holzmeyer2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesKyle Capin2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesLance Kollker2019
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentLaneea Williams2019
IndividualEducationLarry Samples2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLaura Anderson2019
Project or ProgramEducationLincoln Food Pantry2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodLincolnshire Front Porch Festival2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodLinda E. White Hospice House2019
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentLinda Happe-Drake2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodLittle Lambs2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesLiz Ertle2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLorelei Taylor2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLori Sutton2019
IndividualArtsLorie Van Hook2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarci Hall2019
IndividualEducationMarina Tieken2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMark Foster2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMark Turner2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesMarvin Smith2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentMASIHA Specialty Clinic2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMedication Assistance Program2019
IndividualEducationMegan Danks2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesMelinda Roberts2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesMelisa Zint2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMickey's Kingdom Playground2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMissy Mosby2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMothers At War Ministries and Resource Center, Inc.2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodNeighborhood Baby Shower2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodNeil Reichel2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodNew Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesNew Harmony Project2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentNew Harmony Theatre2019
Business or OrganizationArtsOptimal Rhythms/ACCESS Academy2019
Business or OrganizationArtsOur Times2019
Business or OrganizationArtsParenting Time Center2019
Project or ProgramEducationPathfinders Project2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPhyllip Davis2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesRebekah Hodge2019
Project or ProgramEducationReclaimed Lives International2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRiver Kitty Cat Cafe2019
IndividualEducationRuth Howard2019
IndividualHealth & Social ServicesSamantha Whitcomb2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSean Georges2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSecond Saturday Stories2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSharon Elementary School2019
IndividualEducationShaunda Lynch2019
Project or ProgramEducationSICTC Public Safety Program2019
Project or ProgramEducationSMILE A Night of Stars and Style2019
Business or OrganizationArtsSouth Side Stars Youth Zone2019
Business or OrganizationGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentSt Vincent Early Learning Center2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodStacee Hooper2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodStacey Stratman2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodStephanie Barrentine2019
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSusan Phelps2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTepe Park Neighborhood Association2019
IndividualEducationTeri Barnes2019
Project or ProgramEducationTest Drive Evansville2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Collegiate Men of Distinction2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Daily Grind2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Vanderburgh County Health Department Pre to 3 Program2019
IndividualEducationTodd Huber2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTownsquare Media And 911 Gives Hope Charity2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesUEs Mad Hot Ballroom2019
Project or ProgramArtsUnited Against Opioids2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodUnited Methodist Youth Home2019
Project or ProgramArtsUNOE CandidatesÕ Forum2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesVanderburgh Humane Society Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodW2DO2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWest Side Nut Club Santa Land2019
Project or ProgramGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentWeTip Anonymous Crime Hotline2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodWilliam Wilson Auction-Realty2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodWillow Tree of Posey County2019
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentXavier Davidson2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodYoga and More2019
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicesYoung & Established's Backpack Drive2019
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodYoung Life2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodYoung Professionals Conference2019
Project or ProgramEducationYouth Resources Teen Power2019
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodYWCA Live Y'ers2019
IndividualGovernment, Public Service, & EnvironmentZac Parsons2019
Business or OrganizationEducation14 News2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAdult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Training2018
IndividualEducationAlan Winslow2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAllen Waller2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAmy Canterbury2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmy Lutzel2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmy Walker2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceAndrea Sinnett2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAnne McKim2018
IndividualEducationAretha Sebree-Graves2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodArts Council of Southwestern Indiana2018
IndividualArtsAshlee Bruggenschmidt2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAurora's Gingerbread House Contest2018
IndividualArtsBarbara Lucas2018
IndividualEducationBob Tenbarge2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceBorrowed Hearts Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodBorrowed Hearts Foundation2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrittany Finch2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCarla Webb Bunner2018
Project or ProgramHeath & Social ServiceCart Creek Cleanup2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCart Creek Cleanup2018
Project or ProgramEducationCaze Cougars Running Club2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceCentral Super Mileage Team2018
IndividualEnvironmentChris Weatherly2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceChristine Keck2018
IndividualEnvironmentCindy Staples2018
Project or ProgramArtscMoe Ignite It! Creativity Forum2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommunity in Pain2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCurt Begle2018
Business or OrganizationEducationD'Alto Studio of Performing Arts2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDavi Stein-Kiley2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodDeaconess Care Integration (DCI)2018
Project or ProgramArtsDeaconess Mobile Breast Center2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDowntown Evansville Economic Improvement District2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. Linda Bennett2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. Thomas Kazee2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceE is for Everyone2018
Project or ProgramEducationEAJ+ (Evansville Area Jeepers)2018
Project or ProgramEducationEvansville Christmas Parade on North Main Street2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Day School 4th Grade Giving Project2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Fire Department2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Hydrofest 20172018
Project or ProgramEducationEvansville State Hospital Friend-to-Friend Program2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Tech on Tap2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library System2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Water & Sewer Utility Storm and Sanitary Sewer project2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentEven Start Program2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEVSC 5K2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEVSC Foundation2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVSC GAIN Initiative2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceFranklin Street Community Garden2018
Business or OrganizationEducationFranklin Street Pizza Factory2018
IndividualEducationGail Knight Williams2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentGirl Scouts Achieve2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceHaunted Historic Evansville2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHelfrich Park Real World STEM with Berry Global2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodHidden Figures Red Carpet Event2018
Project or ProgramArtsHoosier Task Force2018
Project or ProgramEducationHoosier Veterans' Consortium2018
Project or ProgramArtsInvisible Patients2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJake Hicks2018
Project or ProgramEducationJames Bethel Gresham Commemoration2018
IndividualArtsJanie Chappell2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeff Justice2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJenny and Bob Thomas2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJeremy Evans2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJodi and Kevin Ferrell2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJon Whitman2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJosh Roeder2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJune Miller2018
IndividualArtsKathryn Kornblum-Zelle2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKathy Rosa2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLenny Dowhie2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceLifesavers2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLu Porter2018
Project or ProgramArtsMain Street Dance's production of Macbeth2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMary Allen2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMayor's Substance Abuse Task Force2018
IndividualArtsMellissa Goff2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMike Labitzke2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceNikki Davis2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodNoah Deeg2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceNorth Main Complete Street2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodOld National Bank2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPatrick O'Connor2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServicePigeon Creek Greenway Solar Lighting Project2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodPlay for Kate Foundation2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceProject Connect2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentQ Commons2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRachel Spalding2018
IndividualEducationRene McCormick2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodReverend William Payne2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceRiver Kitty Cat Cafe2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRyan Bodine2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSabrina Newton2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSafe Pets Program2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSamantha Buente2018
IndividualArtsSara Barnett2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSkanska2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSMILE on Down Syndrome Dance Troupe2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome Moms Bible Study2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSMILE on Down Syndrome Reading Program2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSouthern Indiana Career & Technical Center Diesel Program2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSouthwest Indiana Association of REALTORS2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSt. Meinrad Rocks Fest2018
Business or OrganizationEducationStaC Gallery2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodStop the Bleed Coalition2018
Project or ProgramArtsStoplight City Playground2018
Project or ProgramArtsStudent Buddies2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSusan Harp2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTED (Trolley of Evansville Districts)2018
Project or ProgramEducationTEDxEvansville2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentTeen Court - Youth Resources2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTepe Park Neighborhood Association2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTeresa McKeethen2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceThe Children's Nutcracker performed by Children's Center for Dance Education2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Medical Professions Academy2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Women's Hospital Mamava Pod at Ford Center2018
IndividualArtsTim Ethridge2018
IndividualEducationTony Garrett2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTracy Gorman2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTrail with a Tale2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTri-State Public Media (WNIN)'s New Media Center2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTurn Table2018
Business or OrganizationEducationUnited Caring Services2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodUnited Methodist Youth Home2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodVanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceWes Attebury Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationHeath & Social ServiceWest Side Nut Club2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceWomen's Fund of Vanderburgh County2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceWoodmere Dog Park2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWPSR Radio Station2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceWyeth Hatfield2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAcademy for Innovative Studies CNA Program - First Avenue2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlan and Sharon Braun2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAmy Maxheimer2017
IndividualEducationAmy Word-Smith2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAndrea and Corbin Hoffman2017
IndividualEducationAnge Humphrey2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodAnother Chance for Animals2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceApril Goebel2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAssociate Accelerate Program - ASAP at Ivy Tech Community College2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAurora's Refugee Homeless Prevention Program2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodAurora, Inc.2017
IndividualEducationBen Trockman2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceBill Frost2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceBill Stein2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBlight Elimination and Land Bank2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceBOSS, Inc. - Men of Valor2017
IndividualEducationBrant Flores2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceCarol Dallinger2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCarol McClintock2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Renner2017
Project or ProgramArtsCaze Garden Project2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommittee to Promote Respect in Schools - CYPRESS2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodCongregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment (CAJE)2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentCool Coding Awareness Week2017
IndividualEducationCore Crew - Habitat for Humanity of Evansville2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceCourtney Johnson2017
IndividualEducationCurt Begle2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDaniel Dickman2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDarcy Ackerman Ellison2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDarla Smith2017
Project or ProgramEducationDelay the Disease2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDispensary of Hope - St. Mary's and ECHO2017
IndividualEducationDon Jones2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceDowntown Master Plan2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. David Smith2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. Michael Roscoe2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDrew Peyronnin2017
IndividualEducationEd Lander2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceENGAGED! River Valley Magazine2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodErica Cole2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceErin Lewis2017
Project or ProgramArtsEvansville Adopt-an-Ash Program2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceEvansville Area Jeepers2017
Business or OrganizationEducationEvansville Podcast Network2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentEvansville Promise Zone2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Water and Sewer Utility2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEVIE the Litter Dog2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEVSC's Randall T. Shepard Leadership and Law Academy2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentFiesta Evansville2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentFront Porch Fest2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceGloria's Garden at Ivy Tech Community College2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodGreater Evansville Ball Hall of Fames2017
Project or ProgramArtsHangers2017
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentHaynie's Corner Art District Association2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceHeartSaver2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceHelfrich Park Gateway Garden2017
Project or ProgramArtsHighway 41 Mural2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceHillary Melchiors2017
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentHRConnects, Inc.2017
Project or ProgramArtsIf You Only Knew2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceIndiana's Great Southwest - Regional Cities2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceInSideOut Music Festival2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInSideOut Music Festival2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceInterfaith Gathering in Remembrance of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims2017
Business or OrganizationArtsIt Takes a Village No-Kill Canine Rescue2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodIvy Tech Community College, Fifth Third Bank, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Memorial Baptist Church2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJack Pate2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJacobsville Crime Free Alliance2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJames Zelle2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJean Reising2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJeff Deig2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeff Whiteside2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJennifer Cooke2017
IndividualEducationJessica Clark2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodJunk the Junk Jacobsville2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKatherine Cartwright2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceKathy Kleindorfer2017
IndividualArtsKatie Syers2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKim Musgrave2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodKnob Hill Tavern and Restaurant2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLauren Schmitt2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceLincoln Health Fair2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLinda E. White2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLino and Pam Wiseman2017
IndividualEducationLogan Dyer2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceMatt Hart2017
IndividualEducationMaytes Rivera2017
Project or ProgramArtsMOMS Bible Study and Fellowship Group - SMILE on Down Syndrome2017
Project or ProgramEducationMusic Makes a Difference2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodNew Tech Institute2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodNight of Stars and Style - SMILE on Down Syndrome2017
Project or ProgramArtsNoelting Films Preservation Project2017
Project or ProgramEducationNorth Main Complete Street Project2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPatrick Preston2017
IndividualEducationPatty Altman2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServicePediatric Injury Prevention Program2017
Project or ProgramArtsProject AWARE2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceRabbi Gary Mazo2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceRecipe for Success2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceRomeo and Juliet2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRose Benton2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSara Vaughn2017
Project or ProgramArtsScholars for Syria2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborgoodSister Donna Marie Herr2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSpirit Medical Fund2017
Project or ProgramEducationStand Santa Back Up2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceStephanie TenBarge2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSusan Gainey-Odoyo2017
IndividualArtsSuzie Masterson2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceThe Dream Center2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodThink Pink Productions2017
IndividualEducationTiffany Ball2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTimothy Weir2017
IndividualArtsTracy Gorman2017
Business or OrganizationEducationTri State Community Clinics2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTruGreen Commercial2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodUniting Evansville2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceUniversity of Evansville's GAP Program2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentUpgrade Bike Share Program2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodVHS Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic2017
IndividualEducationVicki Brasel2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentVoices2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodWallace Corbit2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodYouth Resources2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceAchieve Your Degree2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodAlcoa Teachers Manufacturing Boot Camp2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodAstraZeneca Pharmaceutical2016
IndividualEducationBarbara Lynn2016
IndividualEducationBen Joergens2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceBilly Hedel's Studio & Gallery2016
IndividualEducationBrad Kimmel2016
IndividualEducationBrad Kimmel2016
IndividualArtsBrandon Barrett2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceBrandon Ragland2016
Business or OrganizationArtsBridge Builders Transportation - New Hope Community Development Corporation2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceByron Lander2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCarrie Feltis2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodCarver Community Organization - Pathfinders Program2016
Project or ProgramArtsCenter for Family and Community Outreach2016
Business or OrganizationEducationChild Abuse Resource & Education Task Force (C.A.R.E.)2016
IndividualEducationChris Cooke2016
IndividualArtsCollin Clarke2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceCrossroads Christian Church's GLA Task Force2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDale Naylor2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDane Hancock2016
Business or OrganizationEducationDaughters of the American Revolution - Captain Henry Vanderburgh Chapter2016
Business or OrganizationEducationDeaconess Family Medicine Residency2016
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentDeaconess Family Medicine Residency2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceDiverse Business Alliance2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDowntown Alliance2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. David Smith2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceDr. Mohammad Hussain2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDr. Steven Becker2016
Business or OrganizationEducationECHO Community Health Care's Community Case Management Team2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceECHO Housing Corporation2016
IndividualEducationElizabeth D. Baier2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceEvansville Animal Care & Control Spirit Medical Fund2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Partnership for Animal Welfare2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Podcast2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Police Department - Crime Free Multi-Housing2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Streets Alive!2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Streets Alive!2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Vanderburgh School Corporation - Virtual Academy2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceEvansville's Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEven Start Family Literacy Program2016
IndividualEducationGayle Begley2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGirl Scout Troop #622016
IndividualEducationGreg Wathen2016
Business or OrganizationArtsHaynie's Corner Arts District Association2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceHome for the Holidays - Empty the Shelter Adopt-A-Thon2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceInstitute for Global Enterprise at the University of Evansville - Changemaker Challenge2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInto the Woods2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceIvy Tech Vex Robotics Program2016
IndividualEducationJackie Kempf and Jerrie Leach2016
IndividualArtsJanice Hatler2016
IndividualEducationJennifer Hawkins2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJill Hahn2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJim Heck2016
IndividualEducationJim Martin2016
IndividualEducationJohn D. Herring, Jr.2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJoshua Armstrong2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJoshua Conner III2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJossie Hudson2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceKaren Conaway2016
IndividualEducationKassy Lauer2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodKeep Evansville Beautiful "Planters on Main Street"2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKen Goans2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKendra Smith2016
IndividualEnvironmentKensington Eck2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKim Murphy2016
IndividualEducationKimberly Arvin-Long2016
Business or OrganizationArtsKoch Family Children's Museum of Evansville2016
IndividualEducationKristine Eichholz2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKyle Gorman2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKyle Gorman2016
IndividualEducationLarry May2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceLaurel and Ken French2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceLettuce Change2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceLinda Negro2016
IndividualArtsLloyd Winnecke2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceLogan's Promise2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceM. Susan Hardwick2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceMacaroni Kid Evansville2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarcia Au2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarie Wood Doud2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMarjorie Armstead2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceMatthew 25 AIDS Services2016
IndividualEducationMatthew Rowe2016
IndividualEducationMelissa Tines2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceMemorial Community Development Corporation2016
IndividualArtsMichelle Kirk2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMiss Golden Pageant2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMissy Mosby2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceMolly Elfreich2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMrs. Lisa Taylor2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceNancy Cutrell2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceNancy Hughes2016
Project or ProgramEducationOaklyn Teen Volunteers2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceOmar Atia2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceOne God, One Community2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOne God, One Community2016
Project or ProgramEducationOwen Block Preservation Effort - The Blockheads2016
Project or ProgramEducationOwen Block Restoration Project2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPaige Davis2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPatrick Odoyo2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodPG Cafe2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceRabon Turner2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRed Spot Pain and Varnish Company, Inc.2016
Business or OrganizationArtsRedstitch2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRob Carroll2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRobert Dion2016
IndividualArtsRobert Flores2016
IndividualEducationRuth Smith2016
Project or ProgramEducationSafe on Franklin2016
IndividualEnvironmentSally Olson2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceScott Wylie2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSheila Huff2016
IndividualArtsSister Jennifer Miller2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSMILE on Down Syndrome - Summer Dance Program2016
Project or ProgramEducationSMILE on Down Syndrome - Trucks & Heroes2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome Art Smart2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSongShine Evansville2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceSouth Heights Elementary School2016
Business or OrganizationArtsSouthwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSozo Health Ministry - Patchwork Central2016
Project or ProgramEducationSt. John United Methodist Church Food Pantry and Clothing2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSt. Mary's Epworth Crossing - The Begley Art Source2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSt. Mary's Mobile Dental Clinic2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodStephanie Reneer2016
Business or OrganizationArtsStepping Up2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceStudio B Photography2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSummer Bennett2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTeach Now, Transform Tomorrow2016
Project or ProgramArtsTeam 13 Training Program2016
Project or ProgramArtsTEDxEvansville2016
Project or ProgramEducationTEDxEvansville2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceThe Browning Family2016
Business or OrganizationEducationThe Dapper Pig2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Dirty Life2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceThe Great Chicken Give Away2016
Project or ProgramArtsThe Heart Program2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceThe Literacy Center2016
Project or ProgramEnvironmentThe Volunteers of Deaconess VNA Plus2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Women's Hospital Perinatal Bereavement Project2016
IndividualEducationTodd Durnil2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTri State Community Clinics2016
Business or OrganizationArtsTri-State Medical Alliance, Inc.2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceUnder the Beams2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceUnderground at the Arts Council2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceUnited Ladies2016
IndividualArtsUSI Iraqi Student Leadership Class of 20102016
Project or ProgramArtsVanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Website and Mobile App2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodVanderburgh Humane Society2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceVicki Hubiak2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceWally Paynter2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceWatez Phelps2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceWEHT Local and Local 7 WTVW2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodWesselman Nature Society2016
Business or OrganizationEducationWest Side Youth Basketball and Cheer2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceYMCA Rock Steady Boxing2016
Community & Neighborhood
Health & Social Service


Community Gathers for 2023 Leadership Annual Meeting

Leadership Everyone celebrated its work throughout the region, recognized new LE alumni, and elected the 2023-2024 Board of Directors Leadership Everyone (LE) reflected on another successful year of engaging with regional servant leaders and fostering community growth...

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