Celebration of Leadership Nominations

Celebration of Leadership is a remarkably diverse and inclusive annual event whereby Leadership Everyone publicly seeks out and honors individuals, projects, programs, business, and organizations who make significant, collaborative contributions that improve and transform community in the Evansville region. Celebration of Leadership recognizes examples of outstanding community and public service in the following categories: Arts & Culture, Community & Neighborhood, Education, Environment, Government & Public Service and Health & Social Service.

Leadership Everyone intends to demonstrate and celebrate the depth of our citizens’ commitment to our community. Therefore, we offer a special thanks to anyone who takes the time to recognize and nominate our honorees. Without you, there is no celebration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can I Nominate?

Any Individual, Project, Program, Business, or Organization in our region that is an example of servant leadership. Nominees are judged by a diverse group of community members on:

  • Their commitment to bettering or inspiring our community
  • How they practice collaborative/servant leadership
  • Their commitment to equity and diversity

We like to make sure everyone has a chance to receive. Check out our list of past and present nominees or our past recipients to keep our nominations fresh!

Servant leadership knows no bounds. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Personal Vendors (banker, grocer, lawyer)
  • Work Associate (coworker, vendor, client, competitor)
  • Family & Friends
  • Community Organizations (gym, team, club, place of worship)
  • Schools (PTA, teacher, administrator, parent)
  • Local Businesses
When Can I Nominate?

You can nominate anytime! Nominations for the 2024 event close on December 15, 2023.

Celebration of Leadership Nomination Form

  • Nominee Info

  • Leave blank if nominee is an individual.
  • Name of individual nominee OR the contact person for the business/organization/project/program.
  • (Max 1000 characters)
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  • (Max 500 characters)
  • Your Info


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